Be Kind

This weekend has been an eye opening one for me. I feel I am a good judge of character and there is something to be said for respect.

In the last couple years, I can count the number of times I’ve had to make a decision regarding someone in my life. Saying goodbye and moving on was a choice that proved to be a good one. It’s usually a simple one. We didn’t have the same values or I noticed I was changing and didn’t like who I was becoming.

I met lots of different walks of life in college and it’s where I grew the most as a person. By the end of my undergraduate education, I knew what types of people I wanted to surround myself with.

I think I finally have things straightened out, but there’s one more thing I seem to have not considered. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m starting to realize that I trust people too easily. Does that make me a fool? No.

I always give people the benefit of the doubt and I always respect others until they prove otherwise. I’ve noticed that I put certain people on a pedestal and I made an assumption that turned out wrong. That’s the thing about assumptions. It’s a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen WITHOUT PROOF. Assumptions get us in trouble and for my case it’s made me question something I thought was good. I made the mistake for making the assumption, but of the two parties, I was least at fault and, truthfully, placing blame doesn’t get me anywhere either. It’s a lose lose situation.

Perhaps this will help though. So, here’s what I have to say:

We’re all in a fighting struggle in this life. Remember that.

We’re NOT perfect. Apologize. Forgive.

Respect will get you a long way in this little world.

Don’t tear others down. Where does that get you?

Calling other people inappropriate names is wrong. Quit it.

Don’t hold grudges. They’re just a symbol of weakness.

Be. Honest. ALWAYS.

Build and create your worth and skills. Throw away the gossip and drama.

And last be certainly not least…talk less and


I know I’m not perfect at these, but it’s a reminder that I’ll take over building and holding in the anger that has overcome me recently. I’ll continue to make mistakes in my life, but the idea is to learn from them and add the good to the above list.

So, this week and every other week just BE KIND.

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