Friday Favorites: About Me

TGIF everyone!

Today, I present to you 25 err 10 things about me in the Friday Favorites format. Awesome, right? Sit back, relax and be ready for me to blow your mind…or at least let you get to know me a smidge better.

1. Favorite color: blue

2. Favorite day of the week: By far, Saturday. (Can ya blame me?)

3. Favorite place to travel: I’m off to Europe in April (visiting London, Paris and Amsterdam) so after that I want to go to Italy, Greece and South Africa.

4. Favorite piece of clothing: I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl but with the many fashion blogs I follow I’m learning to expand my wardrobe and become confident in bolder outfits.

5. Favorite store: Too many, but to name a few: Blowfish, Ruche, Old Navy, Kohls

6. Favorite comfort food: I call it the “poor man’s meal” because it’s a scramble made of eggs, sausage, potatoes, peppers and onions. It’s cheap and super easy and it’s basically a breakfast burrito without the tortilla. Ya can’t go wrong with that, can ya? I’ll add it to the ever expanding list of recipes I need to write/add on here.

7. Favorite pastime: I have two. 1. Baseball 2. Bowling. I absolutely love watching a good baseball game, especially the Texas Rangers. Bowling is something I picked up when I started dating Joe. I’m learning to curve the ball so I can kick some bowling bootay!

8. Favorite place to hang out: I’m not a big party girl…now. I enjoy relaxing at a friends house or chilling at a cool bar with live music. I love visiting historical downtown centers. They usually have the best little bars and restaurants.

9. Favorite type of music: I love Jason Mraz, Green River Ordinance, Maroon 5, Gavin DeGraw, Ray LaMontagne (you see a pattern?). I enjoy singer/songwriter stuff and I like some Texas Country bands. I do like the occasional rock, hip hop and R&B. Thanks to Joe, I like Cake, too. And I was a big Linkin Park fan back in high school.

10. Favorite random fact: I have TMJ. It’s called temporomandibular joint disorder. It’s a fancy shmancy word for my jaw clicks, pops and locks (not in the dancing way). After years of grinding me teeth in my sleep, I messed up my jaw so now it clicks every time I eat or yawn. It can be painful, but one way to prevent any discomfort is to eat potassium. I eat a banana everyday (and/or coconut water). Why is it my favorite random fact you ask? Um because lots of people (mainly women) can relate.

*Come back tomorrow for a yummy, light pasta salad packed with veggies. It reminds me of summer. Rainy Dallas is no fun and I’d rather be sitting on a patio, sipping a margarita and taking in all that awesome Texas sunshine. I’ll keep dreaming.

  1. i have been MIA from my site for a while and I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO excited that you have finally joined wordpress!!!! ahhh. you will fall in love with the people here and you will build relationships u never knew you’d have! blogging will become your GO TO when no one else can. so glad you’re here : )

    • Yeah, I really like it so far. I’m always thinking of new posts and new things I want to do. It’s pretty fun really.

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