The Recently Recent

My days have been filled with scrumptious foods worth loosening my pants for and adventures of wanderings and findings. I thought I would share some of my latest instagrams from last month or so.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

I like taking pictures of food. Hmm I guess that works well for me here on this little bloggity.

Playing cards with my mom on her birthday was my favorite part of last week.

Trying to get a really awesome sunrise shot while driving is extremely difficult and ridiculously stupid. “But, mom, I just wanted a really cool shot of the sun,” says the daughter who figuratively kissed the side of the overpass rail with her Hyundai. *I didn’t actually do that, but you can imagine the response.*

The nights I’m not in class, I’m curled up on the couch with two screens in front of me, my computer and a 60 inch t.v. Yes, I said 60. Why do we need such a large television? Not sure, but it’s pretty sweet nonetheless.

Cats are quite lovely when they’re curled up sleeping on a couch arm. They’re NOT so lovely when they’re at me feet as soon as I get home crying to be fed.

I need a bigger crock pot. I love the one I have. Thanks, mom! It’s a 3 quart that’s probably 30-40 years old. Every time I start making something from it I start to wonder if it’s going to overflow with all the yummy ingredients spilling on the counter and floor. Can you imagine the mess? Gah!


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