Weekend Recap

Oh is it Monday already? Boo. Weekends always go by too fast.

My weekend was packed with baking, adventures with friends and a birthday in the family.

Saturday was meant to be spent browsing through Traders Village, a local flea market. After twenty minutes at Traders Village, I’ve come to the conclusion that I do not like flea markets. They remind me of a garage sale on a much grander scale. I guarantee you could find absolutely ANYTHING at Traders Village. Clothes, tires, furniture, lingerie, animals. You name it, you could find it there. After a few laughs of realizing the situation, my girlfriends and I decided to head to the Dallas Farmers Market instead. It was a good chance to pick up some produce anyway. Yum!

We grabbed some roasted sweet corn from a vendor, covered it with butter and cheese and dug in. It was some serious grubbin.

Look at these crackas!

Spring has sprung in Dallas, Texas. Woohoo!

I took home some really sweet cantelope. If your in Dallas, you must check out the farmers market and grab yourself some fresh produce. I love the idea of buying locally grown food.

Saturday night, Joe and I joined Joe’s brother, Michael, to a few games of bowling. I’m currently learning to “curve” the ball. My company includes two men that have been members of a bowling league and have been playing and practicing since they were 10 or 11. That’s nearly 20 years of experience for Joe alone. So, I’m in good company and I’m trying to learn as much as I can from them. I get frustrated and impatient. I’m a really great student. Ha!

Sunday was filled with wonderful gym time, a failed baking attempt (more of that later this week) and my stepdad’s birthday. My parents actually experienced their own baking blunder. We blamed it on the weather.

Have an awesome Monday!

  1. Great photographs! I love the Dallas Farmer’s Market but have neer been able to get good pictures there.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • I just love all the produce and how fresh and colorful it all is. 🙂

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