Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I hope you all are having a wonderful, green St. Patrick’s Day.

In honor of today, I wanted to make this:

{Photo courtesy: Kaitlin of Whisk Kid}

Who can resist an awesome rainbow cake?

Kaitlin from the Whisk Kid made this a while back. It was so much of a hit that Kaitlin got to make this cake with Martha Stewart on her show! Whoa!

I pinned this on pinterest and I knew I needed to try it out.

It’s pretty simple to make. Make the cake batter. Separate batter six ways. Color the batter with food coloring gel. Bake for 12 minutes in a 9 inch spring form pan. Let the cake layers cool. Make the frosting. Construct the cake.

My only problem with this cake was the construction. I filled about three layers and had to take a trip to Walmart for some butter. I ran out of frosting. I wanted to get the look just right, so a lot of frosting was necessary. As I was completing the construction, I noticed the cake layers were sliding off center. I placed the cake in the refrigerator. It helped, but when I went back to check on the cake the next day, it was lopsided. So that’s why the layers aren’t entirely even in the photo above. It turned out looking pretty good.

It’s a white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. Truthfully, it’s better to look at than eat. I think it’s WAY too sweet probably because of the frosting.

Anyway, I’m glad I tried this. Go check out the full recipe on Kaitlin’s blog, Whisk Kid.

I was supposed to run the Dash Down Greenville 5K this morning, but last night I had a terrible migraine. My migraines consist of nausea, light and sound sensitivity, and extreme head pain usually throughout my entire head from front to back. It knocks me out of any activity I’m wanting to do. Since I needed to be up by five this morning, I knew I needed to cancel and really get a good nights sleep. And I did. I didn’t get out of bed until 11:30.

I’m not sure how I’ll spend the rest of this holiday, but hopefully yours doesn’t consist of headaches.


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