Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

Remember that fresh salsa I made recently? Well, I was ready for some more Mexican food. Trying to be healthy, I made some lettuce wraps with ground turkey.

I used some homemade taco seasoning. I found the recipe here. It’s so good. I’ll never use the package taco seasoning ever again. I love when I know exactly what’s in my food.

I added some leftover corn and a can of black beans. I simply browned the meat and assembled everything on the lettuce. Everything being ground turkey, black beans, corn and homemade salsa. So yummy! I realized I’m not very good at tearing lettuce to the right size I want for wraps, but they still turned out awesome. Joe had his on a tortilla with shredded cheese. I guess I was being the healthy one.

On another note: I’ve been spending my free time daydreaming of my trip to Europe in April, exactly three weeks from today. My mind is swarming with London pubs, Paris excursions and Amsterdam bike tours. I’m putting together lists, to-do lists and organizational lists. I like making lists. I’ll post more details about my trip within the next week or so.

  1. Wow. Europe! How exciting. How long will you be gone for? I would love to travel outside of the U.S one day. Hope you try all the yummy foods and have an amazing time.

    • I leave on April 11th and return on April 22nd. 🙂

      • What a great adventure. Too bad you can’t stay longer and experience it everything it has to offer down there. It would be amazing to live there for a year or more. 🙂

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