Currently Craving

Currently Craving

I’ve noticed this week has been extremely food heavy. So, today I have a little something for the ladies. My fashion sense is slim to  none really. Like any woman, I’m in love with shoes. But, when it comes to clothes, I try to take hints from others around me and figure out what looks best on my body type. I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. And you won’t ever see me with any other hairstyle besides the towel dry effect unless I’m off to a fancy schmancy thingamajig. I thought I would share with you my attempt at being fashionable. Haha! Try and hold back the laughter. My blog has feelings ya know!?

1. I’m in love with maxis right now and I don’t own a single one! Crazy, huh? I’m a bit picky. I could easily go to Old Navy or Target and snatch me up one, but I’m on the hunt for the right one. Does anyone else do this? Via.

2. I can’t go a day without my Ray Bans. I spent all of last week wearing my prescription glasses because I couldn’t put my contacts in due to my injured finger. I definitely missed my sunnies. These are a must for spring and summer and really fall and winter. Via.

3. I bought a chambray shirt several weeks ago when Kayley from Sidewalk Ready mentioned how versatile they are. I got mine at Old Navy. I pair it with colored jeans and usually add a necklace and call it a day. Go check her out though. She’s got a great fashion sense.  Via. 

4. I’m absolutely loving chevron right now. I dream of living in a house with a chevron accent wall in our bedroom. I have no idea how to accomplish that but for now I’ll stick with tops, dresses and towels. Via.

5. My eyes keep catching all the neon nail polishes. I don’t know about you other ladies, but I always feel better when my nails are all did. I’ve go an awesome hot pink that I’ll be making use of very soon. Love. Via.

6. COLORED BAGS! Enough said. Via.

7. Wedges. I bought my first pair last weekend and I’m definitely looking forward to this coming spring and summer to don them. Surprisingly, they aren’t bad to walk in. I made sure I had enough support in the ankles. I really wouldn’t want to bust my patootie. Via.

Sorry if this was too girly, but I just got introduced to Polyvore and I wanted to try it out. For you other fashion forward home girls, I’m sure you already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, then go check them out. It’s cute.

Have a wonderful Thursday my loveys!


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