Friday’s Letters

Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds hosts this little link party every Friday and I’m officially starting today. So here it goes:

Dear Amber: It’s time you figured out some better organizational skills. Your 1-bedroom apartment has random crap every where. You NEED to spend an entire weekend figuring out better systems of organization for each room. That counter top and desk area will not organize itself. Get it together!

Dear Joe: I must tell you, I love you even more today. You have been so helpful during my finger recovery. You have no idea how nice it was to hear how fast you drove to get home to rush me to the ER. And how gentle you were taking me there considering I’m not crazy about your driving. I love you for washing the dishes because I couldn’t. I love you because you did it without complaining. Sort of. Thanks babe!

{True love I tell ya}

Dear Apollo: You have been pretty good lately. No pooping in the closet, two inches from your litter box. Our talks in the morning after Joe leaves for work are very therapeutic, especially since you find your way under our bed covers and the face that peaks out is too cute for words. The meowing could seize a little, but I’ll take what I can get from a grumpy, ole fart like yourself.

Dear Europe: I’ll see you soon! I hope all my planning to visit you is worth it. Building a binder full of itineraries and maps is a bit time consuming. Now that I think about it, those efforts should really go towards organizing my apartment. Hmmm.

Dear Green Tea: I’m falling in love with you. I’ve warned you. Coffee, you’re on probation.


  1. What a good idea. I love your Friday blogs. Always look forward to reading them in general, but especially on Fridays. What a cute couple you two are. I’m happy you found someone to take care of you and make you happy. :). Hope ya’ll are enjoying living together.

  2. Rosie said:

    It’s my first time too! Where abouts in Europe do you want to visit? I live in the UK, have lived in Italy and spend quite a bit of time in Germany!


    • We’re off to London on April 11th and we’ll be there until that Monday. We’re going to Paris and Amsterdam, too. If you have any tidbits on where to eat or specifics on what to do, shoot them my way. I’m fairly certain I’ll make my way north to Scotland some time. Just not this trip. My next trip will definitely be Italy. Would love to go to Germany, Greece and Sweden (I’m Swedish) 🙂

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