Weekend Recap: A Lake and a Sunset

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was packed with sun, sunsets and the Hunger Games. I must tell you this post is a little rushed. I’ve been extremely busy. I will leave you today with several awesome photos of the weekend. Enjoy!

Saturday, we made our way to Lake Bridgeport. Joe’s parents have a lake house there. Since the weather report called for 80 degrees of sunshine, I was all for making our first trip out for some sun.

Getting my tan on. More like burn on. By the end of the evening, I was pretty pink. Nothing too bad though.


Meet Scotty and Sparky, our Scottish Terrier Captains. How adorable are their life vests?

Sparky at 50 mph.

Check out this awesome sunset. So beautiful!

Joe, tending to the fire.

So, it was a little cold once the sun went down.

A view by the fire pit.

Bridgeport at night is pretty amazing. You can see hundreds of stars and even planets. I grabbed the Google Sky Map app on my phone and identified lots of constellations and such. So cool. Thanks to Joe’s dad for mentioning that we were staring at Jupiter and Venus. The Texas sky (or just sky, really) is truly remarkable.

It was a beautiful evening. We roasted marshmallows and wafted down some yummy smores. It was a perfect way to start the wonderful spring/summer season.

On Sunday, we took a trip to the cinema to see the Hunger Games. Yay! I loved the books and I thought the movie was portrayed pretty well. Does anyone know if they’ll adapt the other two books into movies?


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