2012 To-Do List

Okay, so this is a few months late but whatever. I roll my own way yo!

Since I have a bucket list on this sweet little bloggity of mine, it’s about time I start setting some goals to accomplish some of them. So, I’ve made a shorter list that I’m going to focus on and hopefully accomplish them fairly soon. I better get crackin!

1. Run 13.1 miles. Yup. I want to run a half marathon. If you know me at all, I’m currently working towards running my patootie off. My longest run is 5.3 miles. That’s pretty good, right? I somehow enjoy huffing and puffing while killing my knees slowly. I apologize, knees, but hello tight bootay!

2. Take a photography class. My first purchase after I got a “real” job after college was a Canon DSLR. I love it! I really don’t have any idea what I’m doing. I even bought the Photography for Dummies book, but the best way I learn is in-class instruction. I’m all for learning new things and constantly challenging the mind. This will be one of them.

3. Make homemade pasta. You already know I enjoy cooking so this one should be a no-brainer. I definitely want to make gnocchi and ravioli. Hopefully I have the patience to work with the dough. Dough and I are not good friends. We’re frenemies really.

4. See a Broadway Musical. This one is happening in the next few weeks. I have tickets to Wicked in London during April! That’s what’s up homies!

5. Visit a Renaissance Fair. Scarborough Fair takes place just south of Dallas every year and I’ve never been. It’s a bit sad really since I’ve lived here for 15 years. Hopefully, I can get there this summer so I can be a part of 16th century jousting and fancy shmancy performances and shtuff.

So, there ya have it. I’ll post a blog every time I complete something on my list. The cool part is I’m always thinking of additional items to add to my bucket list. I’m up for the challenge of making my life full and exciting.

Ya notice none of these pictures have anything to do with my list? Eh. I’m too cool for pictures that relate to posts. I mean c’mon. Who does that?

Oh snap! Guess what? Tomorrow, I’ve got a yummy dessert for ya! Actually, I have three versions of one dessert. Don’t forget to visit me mmk? . Have a great Tuesday, ya’ll!

1 comment
  1. Great job on running 5.3 miles. It seems like you’re in excellent shape, good luck on working towards running a half marathon. I need to find that motivation to start running and getting into shape.

    I want to make home made pasta too. Ravioli and Tortilini, I saw a pasta machine at TJ MAXX for $20 where you just crank the side of it and it can smooth out or cut your pasta for you. Which, I guess is kind of cheating, but I want a semi-easy way out. I’ll still be making my own dough! I made a pie crust the other day, using a crisco butter shortening stick and it was surprising a lot easier to work with than I thought.

    Oh wow! I am so jealous that you’re going to see Wicked in London. My life long dream is to go to New York City just to see all the shows and everythihg the Big Apple has to offer.

    Goodness, I pretty much want to do everything you want to do. I’ve been craving going to the Scarborough fair as well. Especially, to try the food and just see all the great costumes and performances. Maybe you’ll have time to go this year. It’s April 1-May 28. :).

    Can’t wait for the dessert tomorrow. 🙂

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