High Five for Friday

What up, Friday?! I’ve missed you. Truly.

Today, I’m linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk to bring you High Five for Friday. Essentially, HFF is a link up where we discuss our five favorite things. Friday Favorites 2.0.


Yesterday, I came across a new scarf. I had bought it several weeks ago and completely forgot about it. Case in point, I wore it this week. Don’t you just love coming across something in your closet you forgot you owned. It’s like you just went shopping. Weeeeeee.

Dear sinuses and allergies,
I dominated you this week. You’ve got nothing on my immune system. Booyah! Tea, soup, zyrtec, thanks for doing your jobs. Peace be with you.

Oh Panera, how I love thee! I ate at Panera on Wednesday before class. It’s a smidge pricey, but you are so worth it. However, you may think Panera is healthy, but when you check out their nutritional facts online, the calories add up. I made sure my meal didn’t. Up for devouring: half a veggie mediterranean sandwich with black bean soup and an apple.

Instagram finally came to Android! That’s what’s up yo! I’ve actually only had my Android for about a month and before that I was using my iPod for Instagram pics. I’m most excited about this because of the picture quality. My iPod took pretty grainy photos and the Instagram filters just exasperated this. My Android has 8 megapixels which is definitely a step up. Follow me homies: amberlb88

I read over 50 blogs (everyday) and I have a few that are my favorites. I read them and get to know the bloggers behind the blogs as much as possible. So, when I get actual tweet mentions from one of my favorites who then introduces me to another growing favorite of mine, I geek out! I mean I was grinning ear to ear and I nearly fell out of my chair when my phone buzzed at me saying Erin from Living in Yellow had tweeted me back.

To make matters even more awesome, I got mentions from Jessi over at Naptime Diaries, whom I have recently fallen in love with. She has the sweetest babies and the cutest Etsy shop EVER! As you can see this was nearly two weeks ago, but it still makes me a happy camper.

P.S. I just bought this print from Jessi and you should go check her out, too!


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