Sunday Funday

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and Easter. I spent Saturday running errands and Sunday with family members.

My allergies took a turn for the worst, so I spent my Sunday morning sleeping in instead of going to church with my family like I wanted to. I have a nasty cough, headache and stuffy nose. I’m off to the doctor today. Of course this has to happen just days before I leave.

Joe and I made our way to my parents for an Easter lunch.

My mom is the greatest. It was just my parents and Joe and I, but she still made up the table and served everything on the “nice china.” Everything was so good.

Afterward, we got Easter treats.

We obviously had to take pictures with our goodies.

Besides all the yummy sweet treats, I received this beautiful coaster. Texas bluebonnets are blooming right now. They are simply gorgeous.

And just for kicks.

I ended the afternoon with a lovely cup of tea.

We finished our Sunday by having dinner with Joe’s family and watching Mad Men and Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, Time Warner Cable happened to freeze and the dvr didn’t record the first half of Game of Thrones. Thank you HBO for encores!

Oh guess what? Today is our anniversary. Joe and I have been together for two years. We’ll do some celebrating when I get back from Europe.


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