Dear Joe

We’ve been together for two years. Whoa! We’re certainly not breaking any records, but it feels pretty good. I wanted to share with you my favorite things and memories about you. I’m letting my readers know why I love you so much. I’ll avoid the mushy gushy stuff for off the blog.

You laugh at my stupid jokes and sometimes join in on my random dance parties.

When you hear “oops” “S@#!” or a very loud crash or splash coming from the kitchen, you jump up immediately to rescue me from my kitchen nightmare.

{First picture ever}

You fix the shower curtain when it falls on the floor while I’m still in the shower.

You listen when I need a serious vent session. And you always (mostly) take my side. Score!

You’re patient with me (98%) when I get hangry.

At night, when I ask you if the doors are locked you quietly get up out of bed to double check.

You support my dreams.

You continue to lay my clothes down nicely on the bed when the laundry is done even though those clean clothes usually end up on the floor because I hate hanging them up.

You always let me take a bite of your food. (I try to go for healthy options so I don’t feel too guilty when I have a bite of Joe’s steak, chicken fried chicken or garlic mashed potatoes.)

Your calm nature compliments my worried mentality. I’m working on this.

You don’t complain when I break out in song. I do this a lot.

These are the things that make you tantalizingly attractive to me. Yes, you read that correct. Tantalizingly.

Here’s to another year of living blissfully in sin.

Happy 2 years babe!

Love you.

Now was that too mushy gushy, lovey dovey gross?


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