TWD: Lemon Loaf Cake

As you all know, I didn’t get around to making the last Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, Pizza Rustica. I was a little bummed because I love anything smothered and covered in cheese. Mmmmm. That’s a Waffle House reference. Ya know? Cuz their hashbrowns can be smothered and covered? No? Okay moving on.

This is a lemon loaf cake.

And it was a HUGE hit! I always think desserts have to be an overdose in chocolate. This is definitely not chocolate, but it is fan-freakin delicious. It is a perfect dessert for spring so I decided to make it a little early for Easter Sunday. The Saturday before Easter, I had Joe take half the loaf with him to the lake. Sunday, we took the rest of the loaf to my parents. We didn’t have any left by Monday.

Besides zesting the 3 large lemons, the cake was really simple. I didn’t realize how long zesting lemons can take especially when my zester is pretty small. It made me a little nervous that the recipe just said “the zest of three large lemons.” This isn’t a very accurate measurement and I like order! It turned out perfect and just the right amount of lemony flavor.

I love these easier recipes. Head over to Truc’s blog Treats and Michelle’s blog The Beauty of Life for the recipe. These ladies are seriously talented. Their photos and recipes are to die for. Go check them out.


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