Instagram: European Edition

What’s up guys? It’s been a while, huh?

I’m currently catching up on my dvr and scarfing down a delicious burger. I need to deal with my laundry and do some cleaning, but Glee comes first.

Europe was absolutely amazing. Amazingly challenging, but totally worth it. So, to keep things a bit easy today since I’m a bit exhausted from the lack of sleep, I give you Europe through my Instagram lens.

Hopefully, I’ll have regularly scheduled posts by the end of the week. I missed you all.

[1] Mapping it out

[2] Boarding Pass

[3] British Airways

[4] Big Ben

[5] Underground: The Tube

[6] Broadway Musical

[7] Traditional English breakfast

[8] Bodean’s BBQ

[9] Skyline

[10] Near Buckingham Palace

[11] Versailles

[12] Eiffel Tower

[13] French desserts

[14] Amsterdam Canal

[15] View from breakfast

Stick around. I’ll have a few more posts on my big European adventure.

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