The Last Thing Thursdays: Linky Party

I love link parties and Jenna over at The Life of the Wife has a great party and I’m joining in today. Woohoo! I mean, who doesn’t like a good party?

The Life of the Wife

{The last thing I…}


Okay, I’m not pregnant, but for some reason I’ve been eating these little nuggets in handfuls everyday this week. Joe thinks it’s extremely disgusting. But when that day comes where I’m barefoot and preggers, he’ll be marching his butt to costco for the economy size jar. Be forewarned babe!

{Received in the mail}
Naptime Diaries Print.

I’m geeking out over this beauty. I’ll be framing it and finding a home on my wall for it very soon. (Sorry the picture quality sucks. I took it from my phone.)

{Listened to}
Let’s all say it together. Gotye.
I absolutely love this album. I bought it for my trip and I haven’t been able to stop playing it. Except for that one time on the train back to London where all I wanted was Wade Bowen. Mmmm Texas Country 🙂


Game of Thrones. Last night, I finally caught up on Game of Thrones. This photo was too awesome to pass up. Thank you, Internet. Thank you.


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