London Part II

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was quite uneventful. I think the first weekend you come back from vacation you are entitled to days filled with grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning. Oh joy.

We made our way over to the Tower of London for a history lesson and to check out the crown jewels.

We checked out Abbey Road.

Lisa wanted the infamous walking photo. Surprisingly, lots of people were willing to dodge cars and double decker buses to get the same shot. Abbey Road Studios is in the background.

We had a day trip scheduled for our last day in the UK. Windsor Castle was up first. The flag is gold when the Queen is home.

We got the fortunate pleasure of witnessing the changing of the guard. I caught the tail end of it. It was pretty cool. The fanfare consisted of a full band, horses and a pretty large crowd.

Don’t mind my weird stance here. All I was thinking about was if anyone had a feather so I could tickle this skinny boy guardsman. It was a little weird to walk up to someone and just take a picture with them.

Our second stop was to Stonehenge. It was seriously freezing. I made every effort to take it all in.

Our last stop was Oxford University. Each building has a unique history. It’s so beautiful.

Above is Oxford’s Library. Such beautiful architecture. Below is where a scene from Harry Potter took place. That was a good transition, right? I had to stick something in here about the awesomeness of Harry Potter.

And some randoms.

View from the London Eye.

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  1. Kara said:

    Love, love, love absolutely love your photos… So artistic 🙂 Taken by a true journalist. I cannot wait to catch up with you and hear about your stories! Take care

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