Paris! Oui, Oui!

So before I start into the first Paris post, I wanted to tell you a story.

When we visited Oxford University on our last day, we checked out a little coffee shop to down an espresso. Lisa, who blogs over here, was looking for some grub. As she ordered a pesto chicken sandwich, the man asked if she was from Texas. She quickly exclaimed yes and asked how he knew. He said she had a distinct accent. Really? It was a typical, “I don’t have an accent,” moment. I certainly don’t think I have an accent, but when I visit my Iowa family, they say I’ve got a Texas accent. I may say ya’ll a lot, but I still don’t think I have the right drawl. I then asked him if he had visited Texas recently. He said he had never been there! What? How crazy is that? I thought about this later and realized how amazing this little world is. It’s such a great melting pot of different cultures, nationalities and yes, even accents. Europe, especially, is filled with people from all over the world. I’m sure that man hears all sorts of different accents each and every day. It was a really random and cool conversation.

Now, on to Paris!

This is St. Pancras at it’s finest all dolled up for the Summer Olympics.

We immediately got off the train, found our hotel and went exploring. Of course this was the first place we had to visit.

Personally, I didn’t think the Eiffel Tower was all that and a bag of chips. Once it was in view, I was quite underwhelmed. It’s just a whole bunch of steel. No biggie. Sorry to disappoint you. I didn’t really find Paris to be overly romantic either. Maybe that was because I was cold and taking this journey with two of my favorite girlfriends not my one favorite boyfriend.

The Seine River.

After the uneventful trip to the Eiffel Tower, we made our way to the Champs Elysee and the Arc de Triomphe.

We had a half-day trip to Versailles the next day. This place was so gorgeous and magnificent. What person needs this much land is beyond me but whatever. It was awesome none the less.

I had a small obsession with ceilings. They are just absolutely breathtaking.

Goofy hat in tow. I’m not very photogenic when I’m freezing my tush off. The smartest thing I did to prepare for this trip was the last minute decision to shove my winter hat and gloves into my carry on. Have I mentioned this before? Smartest. Decision. EVER.

Me in the Hall of Mirrors.

And the Kings chapel with the exquisite organ. Just beautiful.

Next up was Notre Dame. This was one of my favorites. It may have had something to do with this place is my mom’s favorite as well. The inside was so beautiful.

I hate the “no flash” rule sometimes. My amateur photo taking skills were seriously tested.

It’s time for a story. Let’s make this post a bookend story kind of post.

Up until this day, I had no idea how to take the flash off my DSLR camera. Hey, I need to take a photography class! Get off my back! Anyway, so I was using my point-and-shoot for the indoor places that required “no flash.” Notre Dame didn’t allow flash so I put away my DSLR and whipped out my P and S. It had been raining and I noticed a little rain droplet on my lens. My next move was pretty stupid. I started blowing on the lens and finally wiping it away with my finger. Bad move. I smudged the lens and all my pictures turned out foggy. I started to panic. Oh my gosh. I need good photos in here so I can show my mommy. Ahhh. I sat down and got my DSLR camera out. I sat there for about 5 minutes and finally figured out where the “no flash” button was. It was on the silly dial on top. Grrr. Anyway. I get up and start walking around. I took some photos, but with the low light, it was still hard to get the right shot. About twenty minutes later, I realized I left my gloves and umbrella on the chair next to me. Oh great. I’ve gotta finish this trip without the two most important things! I start briskly walking back to the seating area. Let me tell you. When you start panicking, walking through a crowd is the most annoying thing ever. Thankfully, my gloves and umbrella were still sitting there. I graciously thanked God and waited in the back for Lisa and Rachel. Story over.

Over and out. 🙂


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