Run Faster

Last night, I came home from a run and had this conversation with Joe:

Me: Why is it that I can run a 5K in 35 minutes, but I just ran 2 miles in 33 minutes?

Joe: Maybe you should just run faster.

Me: *blank stare* That’s not what I wanted to hear.

Joe: *blank stare* Uh sorry?

See, I found a great little park close to the apartment. It has a 2.5 mile loop that takes me through a couple ponds and little side trails. I love it. It’s really quite perfect. I just started running this trail this week.

I was hoping when I came home last night that the response would be something like,

“Babe, running on a treadmill and running outside are two very different things.”

“It’s really hot out there today.”

“I’m sure it was the wind working against you.”


Boy, I’m sorry to think I would get some sort of support from my boyfriend. Sigh. There was about 5 seconds where I was about to go all loco on his arse. I decided to take another route.

I’ll be using that little tidbit as motivation and reinforcement. Run faster. Duly noted, Joseph. Duly noted. Truthfully, he is supporting me. He isn’t sugar coating anything. That’s what I love about him. Sometimes these non-sugar coated statements come out of the blue, but it’s kind of what I need. I won’t accomplish my goals if I have someone holding my hand the entire way.

The next time I get on that bike trail, I’ll remember to simply run faster. Just two words. Got it.


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