We continued our Paris adventure by heading off to the Louvre.

The Louvre is probably one of my favorites of the whole trip. It was so magnificently beautiful and I could have spent hours in there. There’s so many alcoves, rooms and wings. You certainly couldn’t see everything in one day. We made our rounds and stuck to the wing that housed the infamous Mona Lisa. This little room was packed to the brim with spectators.

Afterward, we made our way to the Musee de l’Orangerie for a Claude Monet exhibit. We passed through the Jardins de Tuileries. To get there, just walk away from the Louvre towards the Concorde and the Musee is on your left.

Of course I couldn’t take any photos in the Musee. My favorite artist is Claude Monet. His impressionist paintings are so beautiful. The most famous paintings are his water lilies and the Japanese bridge. He lived in Giverny, France, not too far from Paris. If I had stayed in Paris longer, I would have made a special trip to his home.

Moving on. We made the trek up to the highest point in Paris, the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. It’s such an exquisite cathedral. And the inside! Once again, I couldn’t take any photos. The inside housed a GINORMOUS painting of Jesus. He literally looks down on you while you attend service and/or pray. It absolutely took my breath away.

And to finish off, we checked out the Eiffel Tower at night. It’s much more majestic and beautiful at night. If you are ever there, make sure you are in a really good spot to see the 5 minute twinkle show at 11 p.m. It’s really pretty.

  1. Oh my! How gorgeous. I absolutely can’t wait until I get to travel internationally. The Basilique du Sacre-Coeur looks beyond beautiful. Can’t wait to see more pictures!

    • I’ll finish up with Amsterdam in the next couple days with a full recap of my trip. 🙂

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