Weekend Festivities

So, this will be happening within the next couple hours as long as weather is permitting.

I’m pretty stoked about this match-up. If you are new to the Rangers or baseball history in general, C.J. was a pitcher for the Rangers last year. He’s an absolute capital D-bag for the crap he pulled during the World Series. Truthfully, he’s just a royal d-bag in general, not just because of the nonsense that occurred in October.

After learning of the match-up, I had to get tickets. So, this is our Friday night people.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day to all those mommies out there. Fur babies count as children, too. I’m kind of a step-mom to Apollo, so maybe I’ll partake in some sort of mother celebration. Right?

Until Monday, Adios amigos! Or maybe I’ll see you Sunday or Saturday. How bout I just say,

I’ll see ya when I see ya!


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