Life lately…

[1] Love me some cool clouds
[2] Pickle obsessed
[3] I love this photo of Joe and Apollo even though Apollo is giving me the he’s-mine-not-yours look
[4] Biggest. Bruise. Ever. (Brought to you by a runaway shopping cart)
[5] Lunch. Vita Coco is the
[6] Burger toppings
[7] Corn hole with some homies
[8] Avengers 3D
[9] Ground Turkey Taco Salad!

[1] Flowers for Joe’s grandmother
[2] Texas Rangers Baseball
[3] Frapp Happy Hour

[1] Church Program on Mother’s Day
[2] White slacks and wedges
[3] Mother’s Day church service. It was a good one!
[4] Fortune cookie wisdom a la King Buffet

This is actually supposed to be Tuesdays with Dorie as I show you pretty pictures of Pecan Sticky Buns. My bad. I didn’t look at the recipe until late Friday night and the recipe, process and overall preparation just looked so overwhelming.


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