Proper Declogging

I clogged the toilet this morning. Oh don’t even. I know every single one of you have done the same thing. I’ll admit my bathroom woes are extensive. Have you checked out this diabolical bathroom situation?

I come to you today for some plunger advice. See, I was not educated in proper plunger etiquette and technique. Let me explain. We have a heavy duty plunger.

Yes, I googled heavy duty plunger for a picture. Say “heavy duty plunger” five times fast. I got caught up on the duty part and kept saying “durty.” Ha! Is it weird I’m saying “heavy duty plunger” out loud? Whatever.

I received this as a gift when I left for college. What’s worse? I asked for a plunger as a going away gift or that my parents understand my need for a really good plunger? Either way, it has come in handy on several occasions.

My problem is I don’t really know how to use it. When a toilet cloggin situation arises, I grab this trusty tool and pray. I pray that there will be no flooding. I pray that I don’t slosh too much. And then I go in for the kill.

How do you use it? Do you dive in and start pumping? I find the wooden handle hurts my hands and they end up slipping. I do the jumping technique. You know the one. The one where you hop to put more weight in the bowl and give it more suction as you continue to pray that the liquid doesn’t land on your feet. Should I be only using my arms and hands to maneuver the plunger and fix the uh “problem?” I don’t think I have enough upper body strength for that hence the hopping.

This morning, I just laughed about the situation. I opened the lid and began to panic. My first reaction is to flush. Isn’t that everyone’s reaction? So I did. Nope. It was clogged. So I grabbed my plunger and started hopping. I just kept laughing. I think I’m a closet toilet declogging giggler. Not anymore though. My name is Amber and I giggle when I declog toilets. Whew! I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

So, if you’re up for telling me, what’s your technique? You know you wanna share.

I know, I know. Greatest. Post. Of. All. Time. Just call me Blogger of the Century.

  1. This is funny. Thanks for saying what others won’t. I have to admit, I never bought (or was given) a plunger. I use a wire coat hanger, straightened out a bit. Then I don’t have to touch (or slosh) the water and usually it’s a piece of toilet paper that is the culprit. Good luck with your future duties!

    • Haha I had no idea you could use a coat hanger. I don’t think I’d consider myself Ms. MacGyver.

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