Cribs: Running Edition

My crib is nothing special. It’s 800 sq. feet of apartment bliss. I know you all don’t want to check out what’s in my fridge. Now, the place I run has some views that are worth a second glance. I thought I’d share.

A few times a week, I head out to this beautiful park a couple miles from the apartment. The whole trail is about 3.5-4.5 miles long. It’s a complete loop, so there’s no turn around necessary. I’ve been jogging and walking this entire trail to acclimate myself to the Texas heat. I’ll jog for a mile or longer then find some shade to stretch and cool down a bit. Luckily, the trail has quite a few trees for easy cool down. And lately, the wind has been breezy and perfect.

The view is great. Ponds with wildlife and plenty of benches and tables to relax with friends line the jogging trail. The park has all the necessary essentials: baseball fields, basketball courts, beach volleyball. There’s always people biking, walking and playing frisbee. It’s a friendly place.

I think I’m blessed.


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