Miscellany Monday

I do NOT have the Monday blues. I’m up early and ready to go today for a linky party hosted by Carissa over at lowercase letters.

miscellany monday at lowercase lettersHere’s my randomness for your Monday pleasure.

{1} I’m Excited/Nervous Nelly today. I start my new job today and couldn’t be more thrilled for this next chapter in my life. I won’t let this opportunity pass me by!

{2} I got this shot of Apollo about a week ago. It was late in the evening and I felt like testing out my flash. I had a good laugh when I finally uploaded this to my computer. Besides squeezing him, poking him and running after him to scare him, I promise I don’t torture him. This look screams, “I’ll poop on your side of the bed if you do that one more time.”

{3} Nothing like feeling pretty when your nails are painted and you’re wearing a polka dotted skirt to church for Father’s Day. It’s the little things people! Oh check it out homies. You can see my white scar left over from my onion cutting catastrophe on my index finger.

{4} I love how visiting my parents means I’ll come home with food, magazines and random life essentials like paper towels and shaving cream. Thanks mom!

{5} I NEED this print. I absolutely love this color combo.

Happy Monday, ya’ll!

  1. Isn’t it so awesome to have your nails done! I feel beautiful when I do mine! Love your blog. Can not wait to read more.

    • I always feel the prettiest when I’m freshly showered and my nails are polished and pretty. And thanks so much! You have no idea how nice it is to hear (or read really) that. 🙂

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