Fro-yo Date

A friend of mine and I are frozen yogurt lovers. We like to get together at the nearest frozen yogurt place and spend a good hour chatting away. So, I want to have a frozen yogurt date with you all today. It’s kind of like this post from a while back.

After driving a whopping 10-15 minutes to meet you, I’d move in for a hug. I like hugs. Deal with it.

I’d ask how you feel about the Texas heat. My reply would be it’s taken until late June for the Texas weather to reach the triple digits. This is a blessing for us Texans. Just sayin.

We’d grab a cup and more than likely I’d need to sample a few fro-yo flavors before settling on chocolate, mocha or a fruity flavor, depending on my mood. I’d top it with strawberries, coconut, sprinkles and a couple of those Reeses peanut butter crumbles. Yum.

We’d sit down and stay silent for about 2-3 minutes. Why? Because I like to scarf down my food. I don’t like to be bothered. We’ll get to the conversation, don’t worry.

This is what I look like when I’m diving into some food:

The silence leads to a “Whatcha been up to, lately?” question.

I’d ask you first so I could savor a few minutes of my half-eaten yogurt.

I’d mention my recent employment. I’d tell you how happy I am now that my life feels a bit more complete. You know that feeling, right?

We’d talk about latest jokes, family, friends and recent weekend trips to our favorite breakfast spots. Original Pancake House FTW!

And then I’d tell you this story:

Last weekend, Joe and I were invited to a house warming party hosted by one of Joe’s good guy buddies from work. I don’t see these lovely people enough so I was looking forward to catching up. We arrived with alcohol. A bottle of Riesling for her and a 12-pack of Stella for him. Here’s how the conversation went with the Mrs.

Mrs.: “Hey! How are you?”
Me: “Good.”
Mrs.: “Congratulations…”
Me: “Oh, thanks so much!”
Mrs.: “…on your engagement!”
Me: “…”

I’d tell you 1. I’m not engaged and 2. I should really learn to let someone finish before her and I both make asshats out of ourselves. When she said congrats I thought she had recently learned of my employment gain in the last week. Nope. I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that she made that mistake or how quickly Joe corrected her. Either way, it was some serious awkward 90 seconds. In Joe’s defense, I was just as quick to correct her. And one more thing. GURL! Does it look like I have a ring that would suggest he made that commitment?! Shut up! You’re gonna make the crazy b**** come out of me.

Rant over. My apologies.

As a girl, I’d OBVIOUSLY want your opinion about this situation.

We’d move on to other gossip and stories that are worth a good laugh as I scrape the bottom of my fro-yo bowl. Please ignore the slurping, scraping and mmmm’ing coming from my direction.

We’d sit for another 30 minutes or so reminiscing and chatting away. Us ladies can chat.

We’d have to say goodbye eventually, but not before we make another fro-yo date. I’m always down for a good chat and food in my belly. You know you like it, too.

Until next time!

  1. Hmmmm, I am very suspicious of that little engagement story. Interesting….;)

    • Hey, I’d be the first to know if my FB relationship status was changing. Ha!

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