Sunday Social – Fashion

After reading through the questions this week, I came to the conclusion that each one of these questions deserves multiple responses. Can you seriously choose only one store that’s your favorite? Um, I can’t. This week will be my hodge-podge of everything fashion.

What is your favorite store to shop at?
I have three that I regularly frequent, two of which are brick-and-mortar stores. JcPenney and Target are my go-to places for clothing staples. I usually buy Levis jeans and ANA tops at JcPenney. Target is meant for colorful tops, dresses and cute shoes. Lands’ End Canvas is my online favorite store. It’s work stylish that I can take to evening wear. I bought a fantastic tweed blazer with elbow patches a few months ago that I absolutely love. It’s got that something different that I’m always looking for. Plus, if you subscribe to their emails, they’ll tell you when they are having mega sales. Sales like, “Take an additional 25% off the already 50% marked down items.” Yes, that’s 75% savings. I’m hooked!

If you could afford anything and everything which designer brand would you covet?
It would have to be a brand that’s timeless and classic. It would have to be a brand that could mature with me as I get older and change styles. I’m not good with brand names, so I’m sticking with that answer.

Must have closet staple?
Okay, I have several. After reading up on some Sidewalk Ready, my first choice would be a chambray shirt followed by a white button down, black skinnies and a good pair of black, sensible heels. See, I told you I couldn’t pick just one thing for each of these questions. There’s so many ways to pair these items and take them from day to night.

Favorite kind of shoes?
To be honest, I wear a lot of flats but I buy a lot of heels. My favorite would be a pretty flat while the runner up would have to be a colorful wedge. I bought my first pair of wedges about two months ago and I’m dying to find another pair. I feel confident in them and I don’t worry about breaking an ankle or neck while I’m walking. They’re perfect for me.

Best clothing deal you’ve ever gotten?
Uh, have I told you I’m a Sales Queen? I rarely buy anything at regular price. I hesitate when buying any one piece of clothing that costs over $30. I immediately head to sales racks before checking out any other merchandise. I’m simply a hunter of bargains. I’ve bought $5 heels that originally cost $50. I bought that tweed jacket for $40 when it was originally over $100. Sales are my kinda language. Oh, and everything I buy, I try to justify in some way. “This shirt? Oh I don’t have a purple one.” It helps ease my conscience.

Style you’d love to try?
It would definitely be bohemian chic. I would love to be able to wear flowy skirts and tops. It’s like wearing pajamas every day. I say that simply because my body type would NEVER look good in boho. I’d look like a hobo. Nice rhyme, huh? I’m pretty curvy and pear shaped. I need things that hug at the waist and flow outward at the hips. And man do I have hips!

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  1. nicholl said:

    I wear basically only flats but always get heels! Why?!!

    come over and visit 🙂

    have a great day!

    • Heels are so adorable though! And then I put them on and pray I don’t fall. 🙂

  2. Julie said:

    Great answers! I, too, love Target and the Bohemian look was on my list. 🙂

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