June Photo a Day Part II

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My weekend consisted of lounging at the lake and cursing Time Warner Cable.

Sunday morning, I published my Sunday Social post with no problems. The Internet was running a little slow, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I checked back an hour later and it was completely down. I let it go for the time being because I had errands to run. Joe texted me while I was out to inform me that the Internet was completely down and would be until Sunday. SUNDAY? Apparently, Time Warner is having some issues, issues that are driving me crazy. They already have crummy t.v. packages and now their Internet stinks.

After my errands, I decided to head on over to Starbucks to steal some Internet so I could get some blog posts scheduled. I walked in and ordered an iced green tea and sat down at a table. I whipped out my computer only to find out that the Starbucks Internet was down, too. I nearly screamed right then and there. As I held back curses and tears, I headed home.

I’m sitting in the cafeteria at work. Thanks to the building managers for providing free wi-fi. It’s my only option for the next week to crank out some good posts. The only positive I can take out of this is that my evenings are open, besides my workouts and making dinner.

Moving on.

I wanted to share with you all the second and final installment of the Photo a Day Challenge. It was a fun little challenge. I may think about doing another one in a few months. Go check out the first part here.

16. Out and About: My weekends are usually spent running several errands and eating out for breakfast one morning. On this particular day, I needed to mail a letter to my dad, pick up a few things at Costco and chow down at the one and only Pancake House.

17. In my bag: Father’s Day was spent having dinner with Joe’s family. In this bag was a gift and a card.

18. Something you don’t know about me: This one was hard. How do you convey this through a photo? I ate dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen that day and realized that I’m obsessed with salads that have 12 gazillion toppings. This salad had pasta salad in it with my favorite kind of cheese, feta.

19. Flaws: This was another one that was pretty hard. I took a random photo of me with my glasses on thinking I could go with the, “I’m blind, so I’m flawed,” idea. When I flipped through the filters, I came across one that gave a really cool effect. I just went with it.

20. My favorite photo: A photo taken of the Texas sky at Lake Bridgeport.

21. Where I slept: This bed is a Tempur-Pedic, the greatest mattress invention of all time. It has the perfect support and just enough cushion that you sink ever so gently.

22. From a high angle: Can you tell I had no idea what to do here? I had taken other photos for a high angle, but I wasn’t impressed with any of them. That night we were supposed to go bowling. I got back from working out, showered and dressed to only realize I was too pooped to go bowling. I even put make-up on. I had to document it somehow.

23. Movement: This one was easy. I have so many photos of me at the gym. I’m not egotistical, I swear!

24. On my mind: I was looking into what was going on for the month of July. I absolutely love planning and putting activities together.

25. Something cute: Just the delicate details of a blouse I wore to work one day.

26. Where I shop: I’m a bit stretched for cash right now considering I was out of work for a month. I haven’t done a whole lot of shopping outside the usual weekly grocery shopping. I love Lands’ End Canvas. They have really nice, quality clothes that can be very affordable when there’s a sale going on.

27. Bathroom: I was not about to take a picture of the toilet, shower or sink. Ew! You get the light fixture instead.

28. On the shelf: A bookshelf in our living room holds a photo of us, a golf ball bookend and some classic books.

29. Soft: I was over at my parents and wanted to snuggle with Sophie. She knows where the softest spots are.

30: A friend: One of my best friends. You know him as Joe.


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