Today officially marks my 100th blog post. It only took me 5 months and 1 day to accomplish this little goal. Pretty cool I must say.

To commemorate the occasion, I wanted to take the time to recollect the past and showcase a few blog posts that seemed to be well received by you fine folk. I also want to mention my goals and what I hope to achieve with this here bloggity.

Back in January, I was reading about a dozen lifestyle blogs. Every night, I would unwind at night with the ladies of Sidewalk Ready, the Daybook and Living in Yellow. Joe found me one evening reading Meals and Miles and asked me something that led me to where I am today.

Joe: Whatcha doin?
Me: Reading a blog.
Joe: Why don’t you have a blog?

It was that simple. He asked and I had no reason to not give it a try. I had been thinking about it for a while so on February 5th, I wrote my very first post. It was during the Super Bowl and I was making jambalaya. Random.

I have come a long way from then and I have so much more to learn with this little blog and the community that’s linked with it. Speaking of! This blog wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for my readers and followers. It’s so nice to know that Joe isn’t the only one reading these things.

There’s something that I really love about the blogging world. I like the journal aspect of it. Knowing that I can go back and reminisce anytime I want is kind of cool. I love how big the blog community is. I’ve found lots of great blogs and wonderful people behind those blogs. I look forward to where this blog will go and hope you will join me in finding out.

Looking back…

All-Star Posts:
Adventures of a Work Restroom: Jobs are interesting. Bathrooms are more interesting.
My Kitchen Nightmares: Sugar goes with desserts. Knives cut food, not appendages.
Good Eats: Black Bean Brownies Three Ways: Who knew black beans could taste like dark chocolate?
I’m Terrified of Tween Boys: I think all boys that hang out in the weight room scare me.
Undy 5000: That one 5K where I plan to run in my underwear.

It’s been an interesting ride so far. From restroom faux pas to kitchen disasters and teen boy fears. I’ve got so much more up my sleeve and I’m really excited about the future and what it holds.

Some blog goals that are in the works…

Plan a redesign
Research and read…constantly
Attend a blogging conference
Move over to Blogger (yes, that’s right)


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