The Fried Chicken Diet

Friday was National Fried Chicken Day. Unbeknownst to us, we decided to accompany some of Joe’s family for dinner at Babe’s, a fried chicken joint located in Roanoke.

We arrived at Babe’s early to crowds of people standing around outside. The wait was an hour to an hour and a half. Oh joy.

We sat around chatting and checking out the area. Roanoke has a population of about 9,000 people. It’s a sweet little town with stores lining one main street. Most parking takes place on a gravel area with no guarantee of good exits.

Our name was called within an hour and we were headed for cardiac arrest in the form of wings, breasts and thighs.

Babe’s is family style eating. They have two things on the menu. You either order fried chicken or chicken fried steak. That’s it. The sides include mashed potatoes, rolls and creamed corn. Done.

I’ve been working on eating healthy and this wouldn’t classify as healthy. But I give you my:

Fried Chicken Diet

{1.} Grab your hands on a thigh and breast. No, not the body parts of your boyfriends Aunt. The chicken. THE CHICKEN.

{2.} Elbow your table neighbor for the creamed corn and generously add spoonfuls of corn to your plate.

{3.} Yell across the table for the mashed potatoes. Ignore the person saying, “Quit hogging the mashed potatoes!” If you’re lucky, you’ll get the fresh bowl the waitress just placed on the table. Just keep the bowl. No need to pass around. There won’t be any.

{4.} Have someone throw you a roll. Slice almost all the way through and grab the honey. Slather the middle with honey so it’s oozing out. Close it and devour it like a honey biscuit it is.

{5.} Repeat steps 1-4 until your gullet is stuffed and the buttons on your pants are undone.

It was some seriously good grubbin. If you go, make sure you eat a salad for lunch. Maybe, just maybe, the good and bad food will balance out and you’ll only need to hit the gym 7 days that week.

  1. Holli said:

    I LOVE Babe’s!!! Its one of my fave chicken places and there’s one not far from my office in Carrollton. I also made my boyfriend go with me Friday night specifically for fried chicken. I went to a place called the Cotton Patch and had chicken fried chicken. It was so yummy! Your steps for the chicken diet are too funny!! We should meet for dinner some night.

    • Cotton Patch is good too! There’s one a few blocks away from us. It’s definitely cool to meet new bloggers! 🙂

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