I thought it was high time I told you why I run, why I workout, why I exercise. It’s seems fairly simple on why, but I have many reasons. I’m curious if mine match up with yours and if you have others to share. I like sharing.

I run…

For those that can’t. For the paraplegics. For the quadriplegics. For the injured, disabled and sick.

For a cause. For the ones in need of more support than myself.

For the love of feeling alive. For feeling your heart, lungs and body working.

To relieve stress that comes from work and life. Let’s face it. I don’t always have a wet fish for slapping.

For me.

I workout…

For those that can’t.

To prove to the big boys I can play in their league.

To build strength physically, mentally and spiritually.

To show off (someday) my sweet guns. Pew pew!

For me.

I exercise…

For those that can’t

To live a healthy, active lifestyle.

To someday teach my children the same attitude.

For the simple feeling of living life to the fullest.

For me.

So get at homies! Go do something that makes you feel powerful, fearless and fabulous!


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