Sunday Social – Trip Edition

While I’m off running another 5K, you’re getting some awesome Sunday Social action from Neely. Go check it out and link up with me.

Sunday Social

{Best trip you’ve ever been on}
My trip with my two girlfriends to Europe was pretty, stinkin sweet. We went this past April for ten days visiting London, Paris and Amsterdam. You can read some recent posts on my trip here, here and here.

{Best idea for a girls weekend trip}
Napa Valley

I imagine a long weekend with great girlfriends doing the most girliest things imaginable. Drink wine, eat cheese (those aren’t girly), get mani/pedis, facials and massages (those are girly). I think of Napa Valley as a quaint place with not a whole lot to do, but isn’t that the point? A place to escape without any real plans or responsibilities.

{Best idea for a couples trip}
Bora Bora

I don’t think this needs much of an explanation.

{Best vacation on the cheap}
Bed and Breakfast

A four day weekend could consist of visiting a sweet, little town with a great bed and breakfast and historical landmarks. The weekend could consist of window shopping, visiting museums and hunting for interesting places to eat. A massage would be nice, too!

{Place you most want to visit}
Um where DON’T I want to visit?! I made this a two part question.

Part 1: National
Boston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and most of California.

Part 2: International
Sweden, Italy, Greece, Australia and South Africa

I can dream, can’t I?

{Vacation/Travel Necessities}
Advil, Tennis shoes, sleep mask and ear plugs


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