Too Hot To Handle

I’ve got my third 5K in the bag. I made another personal record best by 14 seconds. Hey, I’ll take it!

It rained a little Saturday night, so the 5 a.m. wake-up call brought a little bit of humidity. Nothing too horrible, but worthy of a shoutout. The Too Hot To Handle race took place at Norbuck Park at White Rock Lake in Dallas. I know there is a great walking/jogging/biking trail there, too. I’ve never been there, so I was looking forward to the scenery and the race atmosphere.

The start of the race was like any other, a lot of people jogging on each others heels hunting down an opening for more room. I hate this. It’s just so cluttered and the entire race never really let up. I think I’m used to wider lanes to work with so everyone can spread out a little more. I was constantly dodging people and always looking for someone to pace. It was a little frustrating.

Potential problems on the course:

1. I was concerned about the water stations. They only had two. I didn’t think that was enough but turns out it was just fine. I stopped at both of them and it was truthfully enough to get me through the 3 miles.

2. We all got to the race with plenty of time to spare. Hoping to grab a porta potty, I ended up skipping my opportunity closer to the car and opted to wait until we were near the start line. Big mistake. The lines for restrooms are ALWAYS way too long. I was concerned that I’d have trouble on the course because my bladder was full, but I ended up sweating it out. No biggie.

3. I love my shorts I wore. Unfortunately, they gave me some problems. Some problems in the form of nice rashes in between my legs due to wonderful chaffing. The uncomfortable chaffing got old fast and I ended up having to walk for a few yards to adjust and give my legs a little relief. I’ve worn these shorts many times before with no problems. I don’t know why they all of sudden felt like riding up just enough to be uncomfortable. How disappointing! I just had to fight through this one.

4. I ended up getting a blister. Nothing major, but I believe I’ll be heading to a Run On store to get fitted for some new running shoes. Hello birthday present!

I finished in 34:18. Those 34 minutes are starting to annoy me. I was really hoping to get under 34. Next time!

The cool part about finishing was the announcer yelled my name. So cool! It was a nice way to finish.

It was a great race and we were all looking forward to the swag afterward. They had every type of health, workout nutrition company imaginable. I came home with 5 different types of drinks and three different types of energy bars. Score!

Check out my sweet new Bic Band! It stayed in place and I actually forgot about it. Those headbands seriously don’t slip. I may need to go buy a couple more just for a little fashion sense when I’m kicking the asphalt. Don’t mind the lobster face. My shirt and my face were seriously the same color afterward.

And the day ended up not being too hot. It’s obviously warm, but with a 7:30 a.m. run time, the heat really hasn’t kicked in yet. The sun was beating down, but it wasn’t stifling or too uncomfortable. It would have been nice if there was a breeze though. I think this race was a great success!

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