A little Jack for the weekend

Hey homies! I’m sure you noticed I’ve been a bit absent from this here bloggity. I’ll tell you I had nothing, I mean nothing, to say. I worked all week and my evenings were spent relaxing and watching some Big Brother. Nothing too crazy and nothing really blog worthy. Kapeash?

I’m here now and I’m here to tell you I love some good Texas Country music.

Friday night, we headed to Fort Worth for some music, a few beers and great company. The scene was set for a bbq dinner at Cooper’s with a little Jack Ingram later on at Billy Bob’s, the largest honky tonk. Yes, this is a stereotypical Texas evening, but sometimes you need a little twang with a little boot stompin (I didn’t wear my cowgirl boots, though).

I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in my DSLR. It tends to freeze up and it’s the worst kind. I mean, that perfect moment is gone within a millisecond. I didn’t bring my point and shoot, so I had to whip out my phone for some additional photos. My DSLR is in time out right now.

So, I give you a mixture of phone, Instagram and the one or two additional DSLR photos.

The ladies lookin fly! Chambray shirt FTW! Love that shirt. It’s perfect for nearly every occasion.

Oh this man! *sigh*

I’ve noticed that I need to start doing my hair. I hate styling my hair. I spend hours and days of my life painting my nails, but I hate doing anything with my hair. Noted.

I love you, Instagram! You make my photos look way cooler than I could ever make them. Although, Jack makes this photo.

And it can’t be a Jack Ingram concert without a little table walkin.

It was such a great way to start my weekend. Saturday was spent cleaning and going for a 4-mile walk with Joe. Our competitive side comes out and we were looking to beat our time from the last time we walked the trail. Previously, we did it in 70 minutes. I wanted to kill that time by at least five minutes. We did it in 64 minutes exactly. I was a proud girlfriend!

Sunday was spent watching the British Open, Indy and a little baseball before the amazing Big Brother came on. Who else saw Willie blow up? It was kind of expected.

Tell me what you did over the weekend? I’m not ready to work so I’m looking for some other good weekend stories.


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