Defeat is a funny thing. It can define your attitude and your perception. It can hinder you or build you up. It can define how you live your life.

Last week, I hit the trail hoping for a good jog. I arrived around 7:00 p.m. looking for lots of shade and little sun. No luck. It was a pretty warm week with temperatures over 100. I pumped myself up for the run with some good music and began the 4-mile trek.

Nothing could really prepare me for the humidity and lack of wind that I was presented with. Summer runs concern me a lot. I’m always drinking plenty of water during the day and going for my outdoor workout sessions later in the evening. It’s a fairly good schedule. I’m so concerned with concentrating on how my body is feeling, so I don’t end up with heat stroke or fainting on the side of the trail. It’s a big fear of mine right now.

With all that running in my mind, I ended up walking most of the trail. I did do bursts of jogging that didn’t last too long. My mind just kept going back to my fears. I felt completely defeated.

As I was walking, I realized I shouldn’t let defeat get in my way. Even though I wasn’t jogging like I wanted to I was still going to complete those 4 miles. Yes, I was still a bit discouraged, but I was glad that I wasn’t going to give up. I made the decision to walk, but I was going to cover the same distance no matter what.

That’s the beauty of defeat. It’s only defeat if you let it. I go through so many emotions when I’m working out. Can I meet my goal? Will I be happy with my results? What else can I be doing to better myself? What other things can I try so I don’t get bored? I’ve taken on the challenge of working towards a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s not always easy.

Within the last year, I’ve really worked towards hitting the gym hard and finding ways to get outside and be active. Whenever I feel defeat coming on, my first thought always goes to one thing. I don’t want to start over. Too many times I’ve worked out for a few weeks then taken several weeks off. It’s a routine I was way too familiar with and I was looking for a change. I made that change and I work at it every single day. It’s not always perfect. I have days where I fall off a bit, sometimes even weekends, but I continue to work at it. I think that’s the point. You must always continue to work at bettering yourself. It’s a fight, but I’m not letting it defeat me.


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