For the Love of the Game

In March 2009, a bunch of my friends were making plans to go to the Texas Rangers Opening Day, the first Friday in April. I had never gone to a baseball game so my hesitations were getting the best of me. I had class that day and wasn’t sure if I’d even enjoy myself. I kept thinking, “It’s baseball. It’s like watching paint dry.”

I ended up conforming to the masses and became my friends +1. I wasn’t that concerned about missing French class. I was a great student and I hadn’t skipped class in forever. Mom, if you’re reading this, yes, occasionally I skipped class just because. I still graduated. No biggie.

Days from opening day, I made my way to Academy to pick out a generic Rangers shirt. There was no way I was walking into that stadium looking like I didn’t belong there.

The day arrived and my friend and I headed to the stadium to meet up with the rest of the guys. Since the decision to go was last minute, we didn’t get seats directly next to the rest of our friends. No worries. A little tailgating was in store. We also checked out the rest of the stadium and Rangers shop. I liked what I saw.

The atmosphere was the first thing that drew me into baseball; the sounds, excitement, the food. It all just meshed so well together, creating a perfect afternoon. Hot dogs, nachos and drinks later, we were ready for a little after party.

Luckily, the Rangers staff like to book concerts after a few games. This particular year, Roger Creager graced us with his presence. I remember because it was the first time I heard that song that goes, “Love ain’t what this songs about…”

And then he sings…

It’s about beer and whiskey and drinkin!

It’s about playin the fool and acting without thinking.

 Funny how I remember that one song.

It was a fantastic day and thus began my love affair with baseball. I’ll never complain about watching baseball or ask Joe to change the channel when the Rangers come on. I can always count on watching the Rangers when there’s nothing else on. Since then, I’ve gone to about 6 games each year and watched several more on t.v. I even went to a World Series game last October.

Aunie Sauce

I’m linking up with Annelise over at aunie Sauce for Just Because Fridays. Join me?

I’m off for a Rangers weekend with two back-to-back games. Hence the topic for today. Have an awesome Friday gang!

  1. The funny thing about baseball… I am not a huge fan of the game itself, but the energy and fun of going is what it is all about for me! I love the ball park, I love the tailgaiting the hot dogs… it all. Looks like it was a such a fun game :)!

    • Yup! It’s not just about the actual game. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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