It’s Okay Thursday

I think we all can have a tendency to be a little hard on ourselves sometimes. We’re only human and doing our best is really all anyone can ever ask of us. I’m linking up with Amber over at Brunch with Amber today for It’s Okay Thursday. Let’s not be so hard on ourselves today. I mean it’s Thursday. We’re almost to the weekend.

Its Ok ThursdaysIt’s okay to crave junk food and chocolate. That hankering will only subside if you indulge (a little).

And the same goes for…

It’s okay to eat pizza, beer and brownies during the weekend. I may or may not have done this last weekend. It’s during the weekend so it doesn’t count, right?

It’s okay to dream about the future. Living in the present is great, but it’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

It’s okay if I don’t have enough time in the day to hang my clean clothes in the closet and instead just place them in a nice pile on the floor. I’ll do it tomorrow. I swear.

It’s okay if your nails aren’t always perfect. Nail polish can be easily painted on and replaced.

It’s okay to skip that dinner party with friends if it means your sanity will stay intact. They’ll understand.

It’s okay that I’ve procrastinated for 2 and a half years to get Joe’s family and my family together. They’ve never met and I’m feeling horrible about this. Soon. Really soon!

It’s okay if all you want to do on your lunch break is read instead of talking to coworkers and going to lunch with them. Socializing isn’t everything.

It’s okay that every year on my birthday I become extremely selfish. Just for one day, I put myself before anyone else. I think that’s fair.

It’s okay that things don’t go completely your way. Sometimes it can be a blessing.

It’s okay that some secrets are too awesome to stay secrets.

So there it is! Go link up. Linky parties are F.U.N.

  1. Angel said:

    Nothing wrong with reading on your break! I do it all the time

    • It’s the perfect time to be alone with a good book. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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