Grateful Monday

I see it’s Monday again. No big deal.

You know what else isn’t a big deal? The hanktankorous amount of chips and salsa I ate Saturday night.

We won’t delve too deep into that.

Moving on to something I will delve deep into though is the numerous things I am grateful for today. No, it’s not Thanksgiving. I’m a few months early. I’m giving you all the things I’m grateful for without the guilt of all that turkey, pumpkin pie and cranberry food coma. You’re welcome.

The sun can be some serious eye-gasm. I really can’t go on when I’m giggling like a little boy about that word I just wrote.

I’m grateful for good outfit days. Otherwise, I’d just look like a slob and then I might not have a job. Rhyme time, booya!

Energy drinks can be a huge guessing game. This brand and flavor was NOT good. Too bad. I’m usually really good at Guess Who. At least I had the opportunity to try it.

So grateful for a good book to read. Now if only I could find enough time to read through the more than 600 pages of this 16th century monarchy drama. So good girlfriend!

It’s always a great night when I can spend a few hours with close friends, beer and Jack. Jack Ingram not Jack Daniels. Daniels is for house parties only!

Shows come and go, but the Newsroom tells the real stories. Based off of an American newsroom, it tells the trials of working for the media and the real news stories that shape this country and the world.

Gotta be grateful for sunnies and multitasking on the road. Just call me Safety Susie. Technically, I had finished my run and was in my apartment complex. Don’t fret.

I’m in the passenger seat this time. Is that better?

I’m grateful for talented musicians. Jason, I’ll see you Saturday (for my birthday).

Love baseball games with my favorite. The advantage of sitting at the tip top: appreciating the breeze and the zero amount of swamp bootay. It’s Texas, so it’s hot here. I think you catch my drift.

Speaking of the heat. Nothing is better then finishing a workout and jumping in the pool. Now if only I had a margarita. Does that defeat the point of a workout?

Another baseball game in the books. Gotta love the games with your best buds. You know the ones. Bud Light and smokin the bud. Um TOTALLY kidding.

I’m grateful for food. Especially when it’s wrapped in chicken, jalapenos and cheddar cheese. Don’t forget the onions and peppers.

I’ll never take for granted the views I see every time I visit the lake. It NEVER gets old.

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  1. Jealous of you; have fun seeing Jason Mraz! 🙂

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