Letters for a Friday and a Back Bruising

Oh Friday! How I love thee!

I haven’t been sleeping very well this week. The corporate world may be stressing me out a little bit considering evaluations take place next week. I’ve finished 9 weeks and I’m a little lost on what to write on my assessment. Besides the typical training and gaining experience, I don’t really know what else there is to discuss. I personally think it’s too soon, but I’ll make it work and I’m sure my lovely boss understands as well.

I ended up breaking my back the other night doing some kettlebell exercises. Okay, not necessarily “breaking” my back, but a good bruising was had and I’m paying the price. I have two thoughts on this – 1. I worked out a muscle in my lower back that I never thought was there and it’s a little tender and/or 2. I was seriously doing a strength training move wrong and my back is screaming out for relief. Oh wait. I’ve got another thought. I had no idea how much my back muscles work when I sit down on chairs, sofas and toilets. I’d like to hope it was just a new muscle that’s working out, but who knows. Whatever the case, I’m trying to take it a little easy.

{Cuz every post deserves a grainy cell phone pic of me in a pink construction hat. Done!}

On to a little linky by Ashley. She’s pretty awesome, ya know?

Dear sleep-deprivation,
I could really use a break from you. The tossing and turning at night certainly isn’t helping me stay on my game at work. Let’s not make this a reoccurrence, please.

To that sweet Tempurpedic bed,
Boy, I love you, but can we join forces together against sleep-deprivation up there. He is secretly plotting against me and I’m looking to make a big game move as they would say on Big Brother.

To my family and Joe’s family,
Neither of ya’ll are making it easy to find the time to get together. Can someone just please compromise? Planning for a dinner three weeks out is a little ridiculous when I know you guys just sit around all weekend. Don’t even lie. I know the lake is enticing and the couch is even more, but seriously! Help a girl out!

Dearest Wi-Fi,
I made the awful mistake this week forgetting that I turned you off. Assuming you were working your FREE magic, I used data like I normally do. A nice text from AT&T later and I’m stuck with only 35% of my data left for the next 9 days before my bill cycle is up. Now I’m back to the old days where I’m trying with all my might to not use you very often. I miss you. I’ll never leave you like that again. Can’t August 24th come any faster? Or is it August 25th? Oh crap!

Dear Tollways,
We are frenemies. You take A LOT of my money each week but I’m too impatient to use alternate routes. Don’t you think it’s a little excessive for me to feed you nearly 5 bucks a day? You need to be put in timeout.

To Joseph,
I’m only writing to you because todays letters are to inanimate objects and let’s face it, I doubt either of our families are reading this masterpiece of a blog. I should really write to a legit human being that reads this shiz. So here we are. Um what to say… Oh! You’re a keeper. 😉


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