NT State Fair and Cheesecake

Another weekend down and it was seriously one for the books.

Friday night, some friends and I made our way to the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo in Denton. Wade Bowen, my favorite Texas Country musician, made a little concert appearance. And lets be honest here, it’s the main reason why I was headed to such a place.

You know how when you’re at a concert and you just start dancing where you’re standing? Yeah, I made that look real good Friday night. Song after song my legs were like they had just been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome. They had a mind of their own and I couldn’t stop them from tapping, stomping and swaying their way through the badarse tunes of Mr. WB.

And then I made the decision to get on this.

I think I’m officially too old to ride carnival rides. They’re too rickety and my body just doesn’t take the jostling so well. I was a bit white walking off of that baby.

Saturday was filled with things I didn’t get to do last weekend for my birthday. Manicures and pedicures with my ladies made the morning and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory made the night. A few things to take away from the Factory: best mashed potatoes EVER and a pretty darn good turkey burger to boot.

That’s red velvet cake cheesecake and a butterfinger and reeses cheesecake. They were a little slice of heaven on a plate. Amen!

And now it’s Monday. Make it worthwhile, ya’ll!

  1. Kalee said:

    I think I have ALWAYS been “too old” for fair rides! They scare me to death. Now that reese’s cheesecake on the other hand is amazing! 🙂 I’d probably even ride that thing you did for a piece!

    • Ha! That cheesecake was pretty darn good. I think I need to make it a priority to try every kind of cheesecake the Cheesecake Factory has. Yum!

  2. I love reading your blogs and getting updates on your life. 🙂 I do have a question, not really pertaining to this post, but from a couple of previous posts you have written. How did you find the motivation to start running and working out and how do you keep that motivation? What made you decide one day to make a lifestyle change and continue with it.

    • I got tired of always starting over. When I have a lack of motivation, I really try to remember how I felt when I wasn’t making the effort to live that healthier lifestyle. I may just write a post about this. 😉

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