Tisk Tisk Tollway Tolls

The DFW metropolis certainly knows how to take my hard earned money these days. I’ve got a bone to pick with the North Texas Transportation Authority, NTTA.

Every two weeks, this “Authority” takes $40 from me all because I drive their stupid toll ways on a daily basis. Within a one month span, I’m usually charged twice. Those 80 bones is quite a bit of dough for this little chicka.

The cost is a little less than $5 a day to drive to and from work. If I want to visit my parents, I’ve got to hit another highway with more tolls. These two occurrences happen every week and I have no way of avoiding it. Other days when I make plans with friends in other cities, I have to hop on a toll way again. Okay, technically, I could take the service road, but who the crap does that? I have zip ziltch zero patience for that nonsense.

So, I watch my credit card bill creep $80 higher each month with no hope of reducing this disgusting, treacherous habit.

Doing the math, I’m spending nearly $1,000 a year to drive on a stinkin road! Seriously?! I already have gas, insurance, registration and license fees plus maintenance for my car. Adding another grand to that list just for roads should be downright illegal. And where does my money go? Local government funding? Big corporate pockets? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it goes to the actual roads that I’m driving on for maintenance.

The worst part is since I’ve lived here for 15 years I’ve seen the tolls creep higher and higher. Tolls can range from $.30 to as high as $1.50. Years ago, you wouldn’t see a toll higher than $1.00. Remember when you could just pay with the change in your car when there was an attendant at the toll? Yeah, those don’t exist down here anymore. You either have a toll tag (with the incentive that it’s cheaper than not having one) or you have Zip cash which will bill you later.

Now the funny part. If you’re from out of the state, they usually waive the first few tolls you go through. I know of people that have lived here for months and they’ve never received anything in the mail regarding a toll payment. Why would they buy a toll tag if they’re able to get away with it? Totally not fair but I doubt they can get away with it forever.

All I want to know is where my money is going. For me, $80 is a lot of money. It could buy me nearly two weeks worth of groceries or pay for a quick tune up on my car. I’m most concerned that the tolls will continue to creep up and I’ll be looking at a $3 one-way trip to work every day. That makes me shudder.

How are the tolls in your area?


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