To Joseph

I don’t like to get all mushy on this here bloggity, but today is a very important day. Today is Joe’s birthday.

I’m unable to spend the day with him due to a full day of work and a full evening of class. Boo! I hope this little post makes up for something.

To Joseph,

Last week, I was driving home from class late at night and was thinking of you. I was looking forward to seeing you that night just like every other night. I love that home is with you. We may not live in the perfect home nor have the perfect things, but I like the way I feel when I think about coming home to you each night. It’s a blessing I take to my heart.

One night last week, I came home, plopped down on the bed and began venting about my day. You’re my perfect listener and my favorite conversationalist. You state your opinion and usually have a slick, funny remark to boot.

I still remember the first time I met you. It was during March Madness and you and Walter were sitting at the bar watching the game. The guys we came with that night started up a conversation with Walter. You listened intently in the back of the group as I glanced in your direction. Not knowing then what would happen years later, I’m very glad I made the first move to talk to the boy that was quietly observing.

I still remember the time you asked me to be your girlfriend. We were at your parents lake house. As soon as I said yes, you said, “Good. I gotta go grab something for these wasps.” So romantic. Just lookin out for my best interest I must say.

I still remember the time we watched Lost together. You were a huge fan and I was behind a season. We watched them together snuggled up on the couch. The series finale of Lost was the first time I ever saw you cry. It was sweet, but I laughed.

I still remember all those times that I injured myself — from seriously sliced fingers to bruises and scrapes. You’ve learned quick that I’m accident prone. Thanks for always protecting me.

I’ll always remember that time you took me down to your parents lake house dock at sunset. Then you proposed to spend the rest of your life with me. Me! Best. Day. Ever.

Happy Birthday babe. I’m looking forward to many more birthdays with you.

I love you. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you.

Forever yours.

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  1. How sweet. It’s a good thing you had that courage to keep looking over towards him that particular day when you first met. I’m happy for you. I’m glad that everything in your life has led you meeting Joseph and the events in your relationship have led up to him asking for your hand in marriage. I wish you two a lifetime of happiness. Write a proposal story post. :). How did it happen? Did you know it was going to happen? Where you nervous? Etc etc. I’m sure your viewers want to know. Everyone loves a love story. :D.

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