Swat and Run

There once was a girl
With pretty blonde curls.
This isn’t going to be a poem.
A monologue. Maybe.

Let’s start again shall we?

There once was a woman.
Yes, she had blond hair. It wasn’t curly
She was a crazy lunatic.
Not like the I’ll-kill-my-husband-and-babies lunatic. The I-enjoy-running lunatic.
Know the difference people!

So out for a run she went one evening.
It was another Texas summer evening with 100 temps.
Luckily, trees lined the trail providing the perfect shelter from the scorching sun.
Soon, those trees would be frenenemies.

On sticky nights like this particular one, friendly bugs are looking for jogging buddies.
All of a sudden, she was in a quandary.
Running faster led to splattering nats in her mouth and on her face.
Walking led to lots of swatting and cursing.
What to do? What to do?

Swat and run!

So picture a woman, on a trail, running, swatting at those little nat buggers.
See! It’s pretty comical.
And that’s what she did the whole way home.

I doubt that’s considered a monologue. Consider it my swat and run commentary.

Happy Thursday homies!

  1. hahahhah. swat and run! that’s really hilarious. go you.

    I’m a new reader of yours- looking forward to your future posts! 🙂

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