Workout Playlist

Yesterday, a friend of mine requested a blog post. That’s a first.

She asked about my running/workout playlist. I’ve thought about posting about this specific topic, but there is one slight problem. My playlist changes on a monthly basis. I’m usually adding and/or taking away songs all while creating that perfect mix to get me moving and grooving.

My go-to music genre for running is anything Pop and anything with a great, fast beat. This really isn’t my taste in music for anything else, but it works for me so I stick to it.

Alright, now to show you my soul. Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately. You’re allowed to laugh. I’m okay with that considering I’ve laughed at this list as well.

See? Mainly Pop.

It’s a fun little collection really. I mean c’mon! You can’t go wrong with Selena and Whitney. I keep the workout playlist fun and interchange songs to keep things fresh like I mentioned. I’m really not picky or biased. I’m down for anything really.

I’m not constantly listening to music as I’m running. I usually zone out and clear my mind. Once I zone back in, I’m always ready for what’s coming through my headphones. Running clears my head, but it also allows me to escape the world and think. Music is simply another outlet that lets me escape.

So what’s on your playlist? What gets you going for a good workout? I’d love to know. I’m sure I’d end up adding your suggestions to the list.


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