Wedding Wednesday: The Date

This blog is meant to chronicle not just my life, but my experiences. I want to showcase things that I’m passionate about and hopefully share some good insight that others can take with them.

With that said, I’m kicking off a new series chronicling mine and Joe’s walk to wedded bliss. It’ll be fun to look back on this and reminisce.

So to start it off, we picked a date. If you can remember from this post about our love story, I’m very good with dates. I remember the dates of when I first met Joe, the day he asked me to be his girlfriend and the day he proposed.

Picking a date was harder than I imagined. I was hoping to choose dates that fit well with our favorite dates. Days that worked in that scenario included the 26th, the 9th and the 25th.

Joe and I whipped out our calenders on our phones and began hunting for the right date. I had no idea how many things go into choosing a date. Some people, I’m sure, can just randomly pick a date and be happy with it. I wanted the date to be meaningful. Joe wanted the date to be easy to remember. Hey! At least he’s being honest. Hopefully our date will be easy to remember so he doesn’t forget our anniversary.

I knew I wanted a spring or fall wedding. Since we haven’t decided on where we want to get married, I ruled out a summer wedding. Texas summers are brutal and an outside wedding wouldn’t work. I didn’t want to be forced to choose some place inside strictly because we chose a summer date.

I wasn’t keen on a date that was spring of 2013 because I’d be rushed for time. I’m not entirely confident that I’d get everything together in time for the right wedding. I understand that the wedding really isn’t what matters. The marriage is. I love Joe and I’ve wanted to marry him for a long time now. My view is I’m only doing this once. We’re going to do it right and do it the way we feel is best for our friends and family.

Anyway. We picked out a few dates for 2013, but nothing seemed to stick with me. I couldn’t find a date that lined up well with our dates we have as a couple. I began thinking aesthetics. This may sound silly to some, but I started writing out a bunch of dates. Writing them out long hand or shortening them to numbers made me picture what the date would look like written down. I mean, we’ve gotta stare at this date for not just the rest of our life, but on any wedding materials and important documents. It’s an important thing to think about really.

We began ruling out a couple dates that just didn’t seem right. Then we started toying with the idea of a 2014 wedding. It intrigued me for a few reasons. It gave me time to think of what I really wanted. It allows both Joe and I to save some money. It gave us time. Period. There really isn’t any rush. We’ll be together forever.

We chose a couple dates for 2014 and I knew when I found the date that it just seemed right for us.

Drum roll please.

Joseph and I are getting married on…

May 10, 2014

This gives us plenty of time to just be engaged before diving head first into planning our perfect day. I won’t let planning a wedding get in the way of why were doing this. We want to marry each other. We want to spend our life together. We want to care for each other and love one another for as long as we live. The wedding is one day and it should be a celebration of the beginning of a beautiful life together. This is how I see it.

And hopefully I’m not the only bride that took this approach when choosing the date…

I’ll be updating the blog every two weeks on Wednesdays for Wedding Wednesdays. So stay tuned for all the juicy planning ahead.


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