Saturday night, as Joe watched Notre Dame dominate the Spartans, I headed off to the movies with a good friend of mine.


The Words, a story about the choices we make, stars Bradley Cooper as Rory Jansen. On his honeymoon in Paris, he discovers an old briefcase that holds a manuscript for a World War II novel. As a struggling, unsuccessful and unpublished writer, he makes the decision to copy the book word for word into his computer. After his wife stumbles across the novel which she presumably believes to be written by him, she persuades him to get it published. The book becomes a best-seller and Rory receives prestigious accolades to boot.

One day, Rory takes a walk in Central Park. He sits down on a bench next to an elderly man who strikes up a fascinating conversation. This old man, played by Jeremy Irons, turns out to be the man that originally wrote the novel. It was his story. It told the story of a young soldier in Paris who falls in love with a Parisian girl. As Rory begins to understand who this stranger is, guilt and fear take over.

In an attempt to make things right, Rory suggests telling everyone the truth, taking his name off the book and giving any advances/money to the old man. The old man refuses. The old man mentions that we all make choices in life. Making choices is the easy part. The hard part, and sometimes the ultimate destruction of a man, is living with those choices.

A few weeks later, the old man dies and the secret dies with it. Later in Rory’s career, he writes a second book with an alias name. This book tells the story of a man who steals a book and the repercussions it can cause. Rory is now separated from his wife and trying to move on from the choice he made so many years before.

It was a tragically, beautiful story about living with the choices that we make. It made me really sit back and think about the choices I’ve made in my life. I wouldn’t ever go back and change anything, but I can certainly remark on a few choices that weren’t worthy of the character I try to embody on a daily basis.

We make decisions every day without thinking much about them. Sometimes we make choices that we don’t believe will make as big of an impact as they actually do. Some are easy while others are weighty in nature.

What happens once we’ve made those decisions? Will there be repercussions or will it barely impact our life at all?

What factors go into making these choices?

These are some things that I think about when I’m making important choices that could be life changing:

Is it moral?
Am I being honest and true to myself?
Will this hurt someone I love or anyone for that matter?
How will this impact me or others moving forward?

And in the long run, I think we all have to come to peace with the decision and simply move forward with it whether it’s good or bad. If not, we’ll simply wallow in it and eventually it’ll eat us up until we can’t bear it any longer. What kind of life is that?

I loved the moral of this story and I couldn’t help but share it with you all. We all have made some good and bad choices in our life. Let’s all let the bad ones go and move forward with our life. Make do with what we’ve decided and live life as the best we all know how; with irrevocable happiness and no regrets.


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