I Believe In…

I’m linking up today with the amazing Erin at Living in Yellow because well, lets face it, she’s a bad A.

The concept is pretty simple. Just finish the sentence with what you believe in. Here we go!


I believe in…

Making weird faces in the elevator.

Buying pretty heels even though 90% of the time I wear flats.

Embarrassing myself by talking baby talk to any and all animals.

The greatness of blogging.

Encouraging others.

Giving complete strangers high fives.

A good outfit can seriously make your day.

And with that said, taking pictures in the work bathroom.

Reading Erin’s blog religiously. Seriously. Do it.

Singing One Direction and Carley Rae Jepson songs at random.

Painting my nails.

Making one new recipe a week.

Taking pictures of my food.

Always saying ‘I love you’ before bed.

Squeezing kitties because sometimes it’s the best form of therapy.

Running…because it’s the other best form of therapy.

A good beer…because it’s the third best form of therapy. Wait, do I have this backwards?

Chips and queso because you can never go wrong with good Mexican food Tex-Mex.

Everyone should eat cake and celebrate their birthday every year no matter how old.


Shall I stop? Eh. I might as well stop while I’m ahead. This could get pretty lengthy. So join me and link up with that little lady and her sweet blog up there. She’s quite the little pistol I must say.

Happy Thursday lovies! We’re almost to the weekend!


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