Wedding Wednesday: Rings

Hi guys! It’s Wednesday and that obviously means I’ve got something for you regarding the wedding hence the non-specific title of this post. You probably couldn’t tell, could ya?

A week after the big proposal, Joe and I made our way to the jewelry store. I needed to resize my engagement ring so it was the perfect time to pick up our wedding bands. My engagement ring has a matching wedding band, so it was pretty easy to pick mine up.

Joe had an idea of which ring he wanted. When we had visited the store weeks prior, Joe had checked out what he did and didn’t like. He liked the two-toned look which included the combination of both white and yellow gold. He was undecided on additional diamonds in the band.

He stuck with the two-tone. It was a really good choice. I’m pretty partial to diamond wedding bands for guys. Sometimes they look good and other times they look super gaudy.

I love the little details of my rings. The design on the side of the band has that vintage feel, but the rest of it screams modern. It’s a princess cut diamond with stones throughout the setting and wedding band. I’m not a big jewelry person, so I’ve always known my wedding rings would be really special. I absolutely love them. Scott Kay designed them and he did a beautiful job.

Pictures really don’t do Joe’s ring any justice. I love how shiny and new his looks. It has a design on the top that emphasizes that two-tone. Joe has large hands so I’m glad he went with something that wasn’t too thin. I can’t wait to see him wear this all the time. He’s been trying it out every so often during our evenings at home. It’s so sweet to see how excited he gets when he wears and checks it out. Fiance swooning over here!

We decided that since Joe was paying for my rings that I’d pay for his. No big deal there. I was happy to pay for something that would last forever. A credit card swipe and we were good to go. And then I got a call from my bank two weeks later. They left a message saying my card “seemed” fraudulent and they’d be sending me a new one. I pay a few dollars every month for fraud protection, but I think they went a little too far. After double checking my statements, the only thing it could have been was this ring purchase. It was really random and a bit unexpected, but at least I know those few bucks I pay are protecting me from my own purchases. Good to know.

Either way, we’re both really happy with our rings and can’t wait for the day to wear them permanently. Until then, expect to find Joe giddy like a schoolgirl wearing his wedding band to “practice.” Come to think about it. Is it bad luck to wear your band a bit before the wedding? Eh. We’ll take our chances.

Have a great one guys!


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