Grab yourself a cup of joe and a furry friend and write some letters today.

Dear wedding venues, you are giving me a lot to think about. Some of you are all inclusive while others are very DIY. I look forward to touring your facilities in the next month or so and finally choosing a place. It’s the first of many decisions that will lead us to the big day.

Dear new spare bedroom coming November 1st, I’m really excited about you, my friend. The possibilities are endless on what I can put in that space. Shall I make it a guest bedroom, office and/or reading nook. I’m thinking all three! I’ve been hunting for the perfect cozy chair to snuggle into for a good reading session. I’m looking at you Rooms To Go!

Dear fellow co-worker, thanks for being so nice. After a small discussion on the greatness that is Keurig K cups, the next morning, I was surprised to find a French Vanilla K cup sitting sweetly on my desk. Thank you. It made my day.

Dear future, you look very bright. From moving to a bigger place, to wedding planning and the holidays, there’s a lot to be thankful for and look forward to. I’ll continue to enjoy the present, too.

Dear Apollo, you are in for a pretty rude awakening. Joseph gave me the okay to get another furry feline. One that isn’t nearly as grumpy as you are. So, don’t be alarmed if one day we come home with a new sibling for you. I’m just warning you now. Your cozy spot on the couch with the soft blanket is in jeopardy for some major competition.

Dear me, don’t be so hard on yourself.

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