National Boss Day and a Meme

I noticed on my calendar today that it is National Boss’s Day. Simply out of curiosity, I wanted to know how this holiday came to be.  Turns out some chick in the 1950’s was working as a secretary for State Farm and wanted to recognize her father’s hard work who just so happened to be her boss. So, she registered the holiday with the Chamber of Commerce and badda bing badda boom National stinkin Boss Day. The funny thing is that she originally chose October 8th as the big day, but it was eventually changed to her father’s birthday, October 16th. I see what she did there. She really wanted the country to celebrate her father’s birthday, so she hid it beneath a ridiculous holiday in the hopes of employees spoiling their bosses. You clever little chickity! Genius. Speaking of being a genius. Don’t ask me how many times I tried to figure out if it was “Boss,” “Bosses,” “Boss’s” or “Boss’.” Punctuation can be a big punch in the face.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make February 14th National Free Pie Day for my mother’s birthday. Oh wait. That’s Valentine’s Day. Well, I’m glad we’re sticking with useless holidays. And pie is WAY better than that silly, froo froo holiday anyway. Okay. I’m going to make October 31st National Support Your Local Bondsman Day for my dad’s birthday. Oh wait a minute. That’s Halloween. Alright, I’ll live with that one.


So to honor such a lackluster day, I thought I’d stick with a traditional meme that everyone loves:

{Things No One Says on National Boss’ Day}

“Hey, did you hear it’s National Boss’ Day?”

“I’m going to be extra productive today.”

“Let’s go to lunch. It’s on me.”

“You think the boss would let me work late?”

“All meetings today have been cancelled.”

“I’m glad employees don’t have a national holiday dedicated to them.”

“Yeah…about that expense report, no rush on it.”


You wouldn’t catch this guy saying that stuff.

In all seriousness, as long as your boss isn’t a complete donkeys patootie, go ahead and do something nice for them today. They’ll appreciate it.

Have an awesome Tuesday homefries!


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